When joining a new club there are often questions that if not understood make for an occasional awkward moment. So that our new members feel welcome and informed we have created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and answers to help understand how our club functions. If you still have questions after reading this please call our Director of Golf and Operations, Mr. Brian Bowman, at 810-329-7300, or email at brianbowman@stclairgolfclub.com and he would be pleased to meet with you personally.
  1. How do I get my member number?
When you join the club you are assigned a unique number for billing purposes. The number is assigned the moment your information is fed into the computer and is available by calling the club’s administration office. If you ever forget your number it can be retrieved by entering your last name into the point of sale computer.
  1. How often am I billed for club use and dues?
The club bills all members in the first week after the end of the month. All members are required to pay their bill in full each month. If the balance is not paid by month’s end a finance charge will be applied. So that you can confirm all charges please keep a copy of all your receipts during each month. Members who keep a credit card on file will have it charged if payment is not received by the 15th of each month. This procedure is a convenience to all members who otherwise would have to mail in a check.
  1. What is the dress code for the club?
The St. Clair Golf Club expects all members and their guests to dress in a manner consistent with the club’s dignity and with respect for fellow members. Tee shirts, tank tops, workout attire and swim wear are never appropriate. All shirts must be tucked-in unless they would normally be worn out. Men must always remove their hats except in the Ross Room on Thursday evenings. Dress denim is permitted provided there is no fraying or tie-dying in the garment. Upscale designer denim is always the best choice.
Golf Course:
Only golf attire normally seen in professional and amateur tournaments is allowed. Shorts should never be more than three inches above the knee and shirts must always be tucked in.
  1. What are the club hours of operation?
The operating hours for the club change by the season. During the peak summer season the golf course is open from 7:00 am until dusk Tuesday thru Sunday and noon till dusk on Monday. Please see the website for the Clubhouse hours. The restaurant is open from 11:00 am to until 9:00 pm Tuesday thru Saturday, 11:00 am thru 8:00 pm on Sunday and is closed on Mondays. It is always recommended to either consult the golf calendar or call the clubhouse if you are unsure as the club does periodically host golf outings and weddings to outside groups which close the facilities to the membership.
  1. What are the clubs Guest Rules?
Guests are always encouraged at the St. Clair Golf Club. When making a tee time or dinner reservation, please give your guests name. The club only allows a specific guest access no more than five times per year.
  1. How do I make a tee time?
Tee times are always encouraged and are made by calling the pro shop at 329-7458 or by logging on to the password protected side of the website (www.stclairgolfclub.com). Tee times can only be made one week in advance. Members can play without tee times by checking with the pro shop for availability.
  1. When is the driving range open?
In season the driving range is open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. Please call the pro shop to confirm availability as the schedule does change by season and due to weather conditions.
  1. What are the club’s policies on carts?
The club rents golf carts to all members and guests at set fees. Members are allowed to purchase an annual cart rental pass and/or pay an annual trail fee for a privately owned cart. You do need to live on the golf course but do not need to be a golf member to purchase the annual private cart trail fee.  Private carts must meet certain criteria to be used on the course which can be provided upon request. You must be 16 years of age to drive a cart.
  1. How do I get a locker assigned and how does the locker room work?
All golf members are entitled to a locker which is included in their dues. Our men’s locker room attendant (MLRA) is responsible for assigning lockers for both men and women. The attendant also administers a shoe shine program that is an option to all members. For a $15 monthly fee from May thru October he/she will maintain yours and your guests shoes as often as you play (there is a fee for re-spiking). If you opt to not participate in the shoe shine program, there is a fee each time your shoes are maintained. Please remember that our attendant works for gratuities which are paid by all locker room users.
  1. What are the charges for GAM and CIF?
The Golf Association of Michigan fee is a one- time fee imposed on all golfing members of participating clubs and is used to maintain the state wide handicap program. Handicaps are necessary to compete in state or club sponsored events. This fee is currently $40/ player.
The Capital Improvement Fund is a club imposed fee on all membership categories and is used for the purchase of depreciable assets. The fee is currently $40/ month for all golfing categories and $20/ month for social categories.
  1. What are the tipping policies for the club?
There are a few areas of the club where tipping is common (the restaurant, men’s locker room and bag boys and girls).
All of the restaurant service employees work for gratuities. If you feel that you have received great service, the common gratuity is 18 to 20% added to your food and beverage bill. Of course you may tip as you please.
Men’s Locker Room:
The locker room attendant also works for gratuities and most members make private arrangements on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis according to personal service and shoe care ability.
Bag Room:
The bag room employees maintain the carts, pick the range, greet you at the bag drop and clean your clubs after each use. A tip is typically given at the end of the round when your clubs are being cleaned.

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