Dress Code

Good judgment, good taste, and cooperation are mandatory regarding proper attire.  By dressing appropriately, members show respect to each other, the club and our guests. This applies to all members, their families, and guests.


Tank tops, halter tops, tee shirts and swimming attire are prohibited in the Clubhouse. Denim is permitted unless otherwise stated for a specific event. Denim attire must be tasteful and always respectful of fellow members. Designer jeans are always a good choice. Gentlemen are requested to refrain from wearing hats in the dining room or bar. Shoes must be worn in the Clubhouse at all times. Members are responsible for the attire of their guests.

Golf Course

Tank tops, halter tops, tee shirts, swimming attire, and denim of any style are prohibited.  In addition, gym shorts, tennis shorts, cut-offs and jogging attire are also prohibited on the golf course. Players may be required to change clothes in order to practice or play. Clothing approved for wear on PGA and LPGA tours are used as a guideline in determining suitability.

Swimming Pool

Persons wearing swimming attire shall confine themselves to the pool area only.  Cover ups are required elsewhere on the premises.

NOTE: The dress code will be strictly enforced. Improperly dressed individuals will not be seated in the Clubhouse, allowed on the golf course, or permitted to the use of other Club facilities.